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It's a jungle in here.

    Some friends prayed over me earlier this week in a meeting. I specifically asked that they’d pray for me to have more ‘baptism’ (being dunked) encounters with God’s Spirit. People usually have these kind of experiences during worship meetings. God’s Spirit will just come and move the place; people sometimes weep or laugh or they get healed of sickness and trauma, etc.. That is fantastic, I love that kind of corporate experience of God’s love. But I want it one-on-one with God too. And not just every once in awhile, but often.

    So while they prayed, God showed my friend Mike a picture in his mind (or what us Christians sometimes call a “vision”) of me standing underneath the Hoover Dam… while it was bursting. THAT IS GETTING DUNKED. So it seems God has plenty to offer, the question is will I pursue Him? 

    Hoover dam photos from flickr.com: http://bit.ly/hrdcaqhttp://bit.ly/gi5NdGhttp://bit.ly/ijmaui

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